From Bollywood to Hollywood and beyond: Kira Moreno ‘The spanish producer’


Kira Moreno – Set “La Señora”

Being able to work on what you love is always a great achievement but most especially nowadays. Kira Moreno, only a 32 year-old woman has travelled to many countries developing her vocation while working on a large number of projects filming many cultures and languages. Kira emphasizes how much she loves her job and the passion she has is the real secret to stay and consolidate herself in a role mainly performed by men.

Kira, you have worked around the world in cinema and tv productions. What do Bollywood movies and American productionS have in common?
I love traveling and I love my job. I feel very lucky for doing both together. That is actually a really good question. I believe that every project is unique even when we talk about the same type of genre. Indian movies are always a challenge mainly because they are used to work in a different speed. They produce 1.000 films annually (about double Hollywood’s output!) so obviously the preproduction, filming process and postproduction must be faster. I worked in a movie called ‘Kochadaiyaan’ which was the first Indian film to be made fully with motion capture technology. This usually takes about 4 to 5 years to make, we made it in 2 years. There are many differences between a Hollywood and Bollywood films but they all have the passion of the cast & crew in common.

Wich countries would you say are the most convenient for filming?
Well the term ‘most convenient for filming’ is a bit vague, I mean, there are places like Pinewood Studios in London that have the best equipment and a very competitive crew in all sense but when you want to do exteriors, the weather is a problem. Other countries such as Spain, Italy, Croatia have a great weather and great equipment/crew options too but the language can be a problem sometimes. USA is a great country as you can get everything in one place like for example LA. I believe that depending on the script and, of course, the budget, filming in the US is always a great choice.

In your opinion, why are big productions such as ‘Game Of Thrones’ coming to our country?
Obviously, the unique and stunning location we have in Spain. They have been filming in Spain for 3 seasons now, there must be something amazing in here including crew and food 🙂

How do you decide wether or not to take on a new project?
I have always said that I work in this industry because I love it and not for money. Especially when you spend so many hours of your life doing something, you must love it. I like to enjoy the project, I need to believe in it as my job is my life. I always consider if that project is going to teach me something, if I am going to learn from it, from the people and from myself.

Kira Moreno – Set “Mirattal”

When do you feel satisfied after a project? ¿When do you think that everything has been completed?
That is difficult question…I would like to say that I am satisfied when the job is done from the artistic perspective way but we all know that we also do this for the audiences, so I guess that we are not fully satisfied until the circle closes when the public sees it and judge, of course, positively!

Cinema or television? What do they have in common? Which one is more demanding?
As I mentioned before, every project is different. I get questioned a lot ‘what exactly do you do?’ It can be so different. Sometimes an episode of a TV show can require more than a movie scene. I love to work in both. I love how I can be sitting in an office one day and the next day I am in the jungle, looking for a wild tiger to film how they live (Wild Frank – Discovery Channel).

You have worked with Frank Cuesta (Fran de la Jungla), How was the experience of working in the middle of the jungle?
Working with Frank and for Discovery Channel is always a pleasure. It was hard, very hard, I am not going to lie. This docu-show took me back to Nepal and India. We were traveling from Himalayas to South of India filming animals in the wild and cities. We worked crazy hours but it was a wonderful experience. We visited unforgetable places and met amazing people.

What is the most advanced technology you have worked with in a production? In your opinion, all these technological advances that we have today, make the work easier or make the productions lose some of their charm?
Definitely motion capture technology. I always dreamed about producing a film with that technology and I did! (Kochadaiyaan). Mo-cap technology is how ‘Avatar’, ‘Tarzán’ and ‘The Jungle Bo


Kochadaiiyaan Team

ok’ were made. Nowadays, it seems to be the future. It is very weird when you see for the first time the actors with the mo-cap suit doing things in a studio full of cameras but nothing around. Just imaging the locations they will be put in and interacting with things that not even exist. But then, the animators give their magic touch and magic things happen. For this movie, we worked with some of the biggest stars in Indian cinema: Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Shobana, etc.

How was the experience of working with a big soccer star like Cristiano Ronaldo

He is such a good professional. Obviously, it is always challenging as you have to be really careful with the information you give when the shoot is being planned. For example, when we did the 2 undercover ads in Madrid, one in Plaza de Callao and another location, you cannot tell anyone what is this for, they just have to trust you, and they always do. I guess the discretion is a big part of my job, but especially with this type of filming (undercover), you must be extremely careful.


Tell us what is the most unexpected thing you have to deal with in your career.
Oh wow, that is a really really funny question. Everything is a challenge, some way or another but I think that finding a wild tiger in India was one of the top two. The other one is the day we had the director Oliver Stone as a special guest in one of the talk shows I work for. Apparently, he was not told the schedule he would follow in Spain and when we came to our show he was a bit upset that nobody told him before about his appearance on it. But all went great. We was supposed to be interviewed for about 20 minutes and he ended up staying for 40 minutes and congratulated us for being so well prepared and being such an interesting show. That helped!

What is the secret to make a production successful?
You must love what you do. There is not other way.